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What others are saying:

Matt's expertise in coaching around both my professional and personal life have been instrumental in taking me to the next level. His content is very practical and I never leave each month without great strategies and actions to implement. I would highly recommend partnering with Matt to help you accomplish your goals.”

Financial Advisor

“Since joining the program, my productivity is up 115%.”

Financial Advisor

“I have truly enjoyed being a part of the community! If you are looking to be a part of a group of like minded individuals who are seeking to expand their impact and influence personally and professionally, then this is a great group to join. Matt leads this organization with high energy and strong integrity. I've benefited greatly from the relationships formed, content learned, and discussions had regarding personal and professional growth with my Squad.”

Talent Development Leader

“Thought I would share that my I AM statements are coming true and it’s very exciting. Jonathan and I are now married. I got an 8% raise back in January and now I am living in Basalt, CO working remote for CHA.”

Healthcare Financial Leader

“I must say, doing this has turned my whole outlook around. For example, I would normally think to myself “your stupid, you are not smart enough for this.….” (which is a pretty common theme for me). So instead, I would think to myself, “hey, you might not be 100% correct, but you attempted it and that in itself is a success because you learned something new by finding out WHAT is correct. That does not make you stupid, it makes you smarter than you were yesterday.” This is one of many examples I learned from this month’s exercise and for that, Thank you!”

Executive Administrator

"The biggest benefit of the program is...having dedicated time just to be able to focus on myself. It recharges me. I come away motivated with new ideas and new energy.”

IT Consulting Company Owner

“It changed my life. It literally transformed the relationship with my children and the energy I have throughout the day is tremendous.”

CFO of an IT Consulting Company

“I wanted to provide you with feedback on my mornings. I have gotten up at least 30 minutes early each weekday (8 now), and done my workout. I still prefer working out later in the day, but have found that doing it in the morning does not allow for any excuses later in the day to skip, and I can also devote my evenings after work completely to my family. So...I would consider it a win so far. :) Not skipping and being more dedicated to it has also helped me lose 5 of the 20 lbs I currently have as my goal.”


“Matt’s talk about mental toughness, growth and strength within each of us was very empowering! I applied his message in my own career and have been able to push through and face my fears to continue to develop myself as a better leader and achieve success! I highly recommend Matt Phillips! His message will empower and elevate you, your team and organization to another level of leadership!”

Healthcare Contract Manager

“I am happy to report that I had a pretty big attitude shift after our conversation and just that little nugget about offering ‘listening’ to the people around me was really a game changer in putting me back with wanting to engage with people. Because I can definitely offer that! And my own confidence was restored with remembering all that God has done and has yet to do in my life and those around me and that I’m pretty BA on a lot of levels.”

Sales Leader

“It was one of the most impactful conversations/meetings I have ever had.”

Startup Founder

Because he decided to work on his self-confidence and self-worth, he had a difficult conversation with his boss, in which he asked for a raise. In the past, he would have avoided such a situation. But he worked on himself and approached his boss. To his surprise, he was awarded an 80% increase in his salary and corresponding increase in his bonus potential. To which Tony has commented, “This is life-changing money.” and when I asked him if he felt valued, he answered with an emphatic, “YES”!

Chief Administrative Officer
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