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Unlock the "Master Keys" to High Performance

Life Coaching & Business Coaching to Expand Your Possibilities


It’s no secret that achieving big-time results is your ultimate goal, in business and every area of life. 

So, what is holding you back?  Well, it just might be YOU

It’s your fears, doubts, worries, self-limiting beliefs, and frankly, lack of energy, all which derail you from making the impact you were born to make. 

And to achieve greatness, it takes a different way of thinking.

To get results you are seeking, you’ve got to have a “secret sauce.”

This "secret sauce" is much more than just showing up every day – it’s actually knowing how to motivate yourself, building your confidence, channeling your emotions the right way, creating unstoppable health, and pushing past the limits IN YOUR OWN HEAD…focused on every area of life.

THE HIGH PERFORMANCE SCHOOL is the "secret sauce"…

the key ingredient to take your business and life from good to great.

What is the Membership?

The Squad Membership is for entrepreneurial-minded individuals ready to finally take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

It’s for those who want to find out what is possible inside them and finally let it out – to close the gap between where you are and where you want to go, in business and every area of life!

This is a monthly membership program based on the tools and techniques that elite performers and the "best of the best" use every day to be ultra-successful.

And while we want to help you achieve greatness in your business, this program can also be used to improve any area of your life – business, financial, relationships, health and well-being, and more.

The High Performance School is the result of our 10+ year journey to discover the “master keys” to success. We’ve spent thousands of hours acquiring, testing, and honing this material into a system that trains the right material in the right order focused on the right priorities.

So, ask yourself these four questions:

What would it be worth to you to finally…

…take real, sustained, effective action toward your most meaningful goals…

…crush the overwhelm, stress, and procrastination that is getting in your way…

…take your business and your life to the next level…and…

…most importantly, find fulfillment and happiness knowing that when you look back on your life, you will know with certainty that you lived to your full potential?

The High Performance School Membership is the solution for anyone ready to finally do the work and experience the change.

To position you for greatest success, our membership focuses on three “master keys” in the membership: 1) Training, 2) Coaching, and 3) Community, all built to unlock the door to massive growth and self-discovery. 


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Ongoing Monthly Training
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Personalized Coaching
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Active, Supportive Community

Ongoing World-Class Training

Every month, you will receive new training on both MIND (to grow your mindset) and BODY (integrating nutrition and movement into your day), with videos and guides to help you implement what you learn in minutes a day.

Our members will tackle hard-hitting topics such as:

  • Boosting your Confidence
  • Establishing the Right Routines to Keep You on Track
  • Creating Laser-Like Focus in Life and Business
  • Avoiding Distractions and Analysis Paralysis
  • Managing Your Emotions the Right Way
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Time Management
  • Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs
High Performance School Computer Image with Coffee
Matt and Shannon

Personalized Coaching

Every two weeks, Matt & Shannon hold live group coaching calls for you to join, get coached, and listen to others achieve breakthroughs.

You may need help with something personally or professionally, or even nutritionally.  Bring whatever you need help with to the coaching calls.

By picking the area for coaching, focusing in on that one thing holding you back, we will dive in together to get you moving forward again!

Supportive, Active Community

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so we want to surround you with the greatest community of like-minded individuals in the world. That’s why you can interact daily, or as much as you like, with Matt and Shannon Phillips and other Squad Members in our Community page (just like a private FaceBook page, but in our platform). You can post questions, challenges, and most importantly, WINS!

Matt and Shannon

Our process helps to increase self-confidence so you take consistent action towards your goals, get laser-focused on only the important things and finally see results, master your emotions so you don't let the little stuff get in the way, and make sure you have high energy every day so you come ready to perform at the peak of your capabilities.  

Our Training, Coaching, and Community, combined with your commitment to doing the will see the results!

Join our membership for FREE for 30-Days, and then for only $197 per month after that! 

This is the greatest value you will find out there!  

When you sign up, you’ll immediately be able to access the online content and begin your journey toward self-discovery.

We cannot wait to see you inside.

Here's what members are saying:

"Several months ago I signed up for your program, as it really piqued my interest. At the time, I was really struggling at work; I’m in sales and was not having a good year, and was in fact seriously wondering if my job was possibly in jeopardy. Most days it was difficult for me to get out of bed and make the 20 minute drive to the office - my energy level, enthusiasm, and confidence were virtually at an all-time low, and this led to other serious problems. The relationship with my wife, friends and colleagues was negatively impacted, and I gained weight due to stress eating. I’ve always taken a lot of pride in my appearance, and I didn’t even care that my health was suffering. So the timing could not have been better!After the program ended, I felt absolutely and completely empowered! I am still applying the principles I learned on a daily basis at work and also at home. For me this was literally a life changing experience, and I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who would like to make some positive changes in their life.

My new mindset and positive attitude enabled me to get out of my personal & professional downward spiral! Some of the results:

Finally spoke with my manager; voiced my concerns; and was assured I was not in any danger of being fired.

Began eating healthier, walking more, and have lost 10 lbs. (and have not gained the weight back).

Confidence drastically improved; I closed a large deal exceeding $100k and finished the year over plan!

Relationships have continued to get better as I have a more positive outlook on life and my career.

I enjoy going to the office every day- I’ve learned to stop focusing on negative thoughts, and try to see the upside of every situation. 

As a result of getting back into shape and walking with my wife in the mornings before work, we spent nearly 30 hours cleaning up a walking path near our home- more energy and a better attitude led me to take action. I probably would not have agreed to do this a year ago in my previous frame of mind.”


“Every interaction we have is filled with clarity around purpose, in which he brings thought-provoking questions, strategies to achieve desired goals and actionable items. His business and coaching experiences together with his passion to unleash mental toughness in each person, are the ingredients one needs to succeed in business and in life. I leave each session empowered to keep pushing my business forward and subsequently live a more meaningful life."

Relationship Coach

On how the impact of this program can change family members too...she implemented one exercise with her son and wrote:

“I also brought this up to my family the same day of the meeting. My son has bi-polar depression has been going through some tough times recently. Coincidently, just this morning, he posted on FB how happy he has been feeling lately and encouraging positive thoughts to all his friends and family. I would like to think that this exercise may have influenced this change a little bit.

I would not normally share this with anybody, but I thought you might like to see what could be a result of this exercise, and boost your enthusiasm! This is what he posted this morning.

“I’m starting to see that being happy is normal instead of sad. Something is changing in my head which has been making me more happy and positive and I love it. I’m beginning to leave my depression behind me in the past because I know my future has positives. I love my life and the people in it. You guys mean the most to me more than anybody else and I couldn’t ask for more positive environment and a positive family than you guys. I love you guys and all my family so much.”)”

Technical Support, Healthcare Company
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