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Episode 12: Interview with Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan

I recently had the chance to chat with Joe De Sena, the Founder & CEO of Spartan Race.

He’s a New York Times bestselling author several times over, and an astounding 1 million people annually around the world in 15 countries participate in a Spartan Race.

I wanted to pick Joe’s brain to find out the most important lessons he’s learned while building his Spartan Race empire.

And it will blow you away!  Check it out!

For more information on Joe, please visit and  

You can even pick up The Spartan Way by CLICKING HERE or Spartan Fit by CLICKING HERE.



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Episode 11: The NEW Goal Setting Way...Create Momentum

We take a different approach to goal setting at The High Performance School...

One that will create tremendous momentum in your business and life...

If you commit to taking action on it.

Check out the podcast to learn more!

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Episode 10: Lessons Learned from our Business Coaches

Do you have a coach?

Because we do.

Do you see having a coach as a weakness, like something is wrong with you or your business?

Well, we don't!

You see, having a coach has been a normal thing in our lives.  Matt had coaches all the way to the professional ranks.

But in business and life, we seem to attach having a coach as a weakness.

It's time to shift our mindset!  Having a coach is a NECESSITY for everyone!

It's a new perspective, new ideas, accountability, and tremendous value to help you grow!

That's why Shannon and Matt have had multiple business coaches, and exactly why on today's podcast, they will explore the biggest lessons learned from those coaches.




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Episode 9: Interview with Dr. Oz's Sleep Coach, Dr. Michael Breus

High performance means that you need to take care of yourself!  

And one huge component of that is SLEEP!

Matt had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Michael Breus, who is known as the Sleep Doctor and also is Dr. Oz's personal sleep coach. How cool is that!

Dr. Breus and Matt talked about a ton of things, from what TRULY is the ideal amount of sleep you need to how to prepare for a big trip coming up. He even shares his secret weapon...the Nap-a-Latte!!

Check it out!  And have a good night sleep!!



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Episode 8: Lessons Learned from our Marriage Counselor

Marriage has been one of the most amazing things in our lives...

And yet one of the most challenging (keep in mind we would not change it for anything, of course).

In any relationship, there are issues, whether your spouse, boss, co-worker, kids, etc.

And sometimes you need a different perspective.

That's why Shannon and Matt see a marriage counselor.  Nothing is wrong in their marriage, but they also want to go from a good marriage to a GREAT one...and that's why they ask for help.

On today's podcast episode, listen as Matt & Shannon explain two huge lessons they learned from working with their marriage counselor.

This is pretty raw, as they dive into some very personal things.  But, as they say, the truth shall set you free.

We hope you enjoy!


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Episode 7: Interview with the Founders of Mind Movies, Natalie & Glen Ledwell

The Law of Attraction is real!

And on today's podcast, we discuss it at length with Natalie and Glen Ledwell, founders of Mind Movies.

These two have an incredible story from being $120,000 in debt to living the life of their dreams.

Here's the bottom line, if you want success, you must visualize success and set the Law of Attraction in motion.

Shannon and Matt use Mind Movies EVERY DAY, and you can also.  If you are ready to up your game, please visit:

See your future unfold!!

To get started today with Mind Movies, please CLICK HERE!  It's one of the best investments you will make!!


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Episode 6: Maintaining Self-Control in Uncertain Times

We all have our triggers.

You know, the ones that throw us onto the emotional rollercoaster.

Maybe it's your kids, co-worker, boss, spouse.  It could be anything.

And often times, your emotional reaction is NOT the ideal one.  Maybe you yell.  Maybe you stomp out.  Maybe you shut down. 

Bottom line, our emotions are getting the best of us.  And taking us away from being our best self.

But, there is hope! 

There is a way to CONTROL what in the past has controlled you.

And we discuss how to do this in today's podcast.  Check it out!


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Episode 5: Interview with the Confidence Creator, Heather Monahan

Confidence is everything!

It impacts how you show you walk into a you feel about yourself.

With high confidence, you will take chances in your life, finding out who you are destined to become.

But without, we tend to hold ourselves back in our business and personal life.

Confidence is something that Shannon and Matt continually work on building in themselves, because it's frankly always being tested.

But it is critical to your success!

That's why we're so excited to introduce you to an expert in the Confidence field...the Confidence Creator, Heather Monahan!!

Heather is a best selling author, speaker, founder of Boss in Heels...and has an incredible story around her own confidence.

If you want to crush your business and life, listen to what Heather has to say!

Please make sure you connect with Heather at and you can find her book at  

Enjoy this interview!!

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Special Episode: Navigating Coronavirus

We have entered unchartered waters, with Coronavirus gripping the entire world.

And it's causing panic and fear at an enormous level.

Shannon and Matt want to provide you a few tools that you can use right away to help get your head right and stay healthy during this trying time.

Listen to the podcast right away!

Also, in order to help, please to go to get FREE 30 DAYS MEMBERSHIP to the school...we are here to help!

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