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Episode 4: Interview with Former Navy Seal, Mark Divine

Change is hard. Especially when you’re making a big life change — be it leaving your job, starting a new company, moving on from a relationship or any other difficult decision.

But change can be even harder when the change you’re in pursuit of is the intensely challenging process of becoming an expertly trained and highly specialized member of the Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Forces — commonly known as SEALs. Requiring “the kind of mental and physical fortitude that few possess,” retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine knows what it takes to make a big change — an unbeatable mind. 

Delving into themes including change, the value of meditation and the importance of visualization, Mark joined Matt on a recent episode of The High Performance School Podcast to share his story and inspire listeners to train their mind to become unbeatable. 

After spending his life being groomed for his family business, graduating from Colgate...

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Episode 3: Creating Laser-Like Focus in Your Life

Ever feel like you're all over the place?  Trying to do everything, but not really accomplishing anything?

Yep, we've been there.  Matt & Shannon are entrepreneurs with multiple businesses, with three kids (who all play sports and are involved in school), trying to work out, eat right, see friends, spend time get it...we're BUSY!  

And amidst the crazy, focusing on the important things, in our businesses and everywhere else can be a massive challenge.

That's why we spend time on today's podcast episode to help re-engage your brain and get you focused on the right things at the right time with the right people.  Check it out! 




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Episode 2: How to Effectively Build Confidence

 Getting where you want to go in life, having the impact you want to make at work and at home, begins and ends with CONFIDENCE!

In this podcast episode, Matt & Shannon discuss the importance of self-confidence, and the impact that it can have on every part of our lives.  Matt and Shannon share stories around where their struggles with self-confidence began (because everyone struggles with this...), and how they continue to overcome.

If you want to have a great business, marriage, be fit and stay fit...literally every area of starts with the topic we discuss today.



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Episode 1: Welcome to The High Performance School Podcast

Welcome to Episode 1 of The High Performance School Podcast!

In today's episode, you will meet the Founders of the school, Matt & Shannon Phillips, understand why they started the school, and hear more about their stories and background.

Matt & Shannon started The High Performance School to help people close the gap between where they are at to where they want to go...all focused on a dual approach around mind and body.

Matt is a former pro baseball player in Europe's Bundesliga, corporate leader around the world, and entrepreneur.  He now works with pro athletes, entrepreneurs and executives on building high performing teams, focused on the one true differentiator, Mental Toughness.   He's your mind (mindset) expert!

Shannon is the Head of Nutrition for The High Performance School, is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, and works with women and men to help maximize their health through nutrition.  She is your nutrition expert!

Together, through...

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